My Inner Girl


My Journey


The end of my first marriage was life-shattering for me. I thought I had found my Soulmate, we had been together for almost eight years and were trying to conceive when I found out he was cheating on me. I couldn't eat for three months. I had PTSD. I was afraid of the mailman. I was a shell of a person. It was my rock bottom. 

After the heartache of my first divorce, my fear that history would repeat itself in my second marriage, played out as me trying to control every detail.  It was a reaction to a heart that had never fully healed from my first husband's betrayal.


After my second divorce, I thought, "Well, that's it - I am just unlovable." I wanted to completely give up on dating, and resign myself to my fate of being a crazy cat lady.

I couldn't understand why I kept attracting verbally abusive, emotionally unavailable, or narcissistic men. I see now that as an empath, I loved my exes from an angle they hadn't manifested for themselves, and I found myself always fixing, planning, and doing things to try to help them achieve. And it seemed that all I would receive in return was either betrayal or disdain. Many factors contributed to the dissolution of the marriages, but a big part of the problem was that in both relationships, I was operating most often in my masculine energy. 

But all my heartache had a purpose, and was part of a Divine plan. The intense grief from my most recent divorce triggered an incredible, life-changing Spiritual Awakening. I developed the intuitive gifts I knew were there all along, became a Reiki Master, and began immersing myself in my own healing journey. 

I began researching and studying everything I could find about Feminine Energy, how to awaken it and live in it. I did daily yoga and meditation, breath work, shadow work, heart healing, past life regression, medical intuition, mediumship, inner-child work, EFT, planetary healing, manifestation, journaling and so much more. Connecting to my intuition and receiving Divine communication became a way of life. My Divine Goddess within, that powerful, peaceful magnetic woman I had suppressed because of fear, for so long, was reborn.   

As soon as I awakened the sacred Divine feminine within me and started allowing my "inner girl" to have fun, relax, and receive love and admiration from men, the dates started ROLLING IN.  I couldn't believe it.  


I was compelled to take what I learned and began coaching women to do the same. I start seeing incredible results.  

This is a Soul mission for me. I am so passionate about helping women achieve. I see how challenging it can be to be a woman these days. Feminism has supported us being independent aggressive go-getters and doers. But let's be real that in the bedroom, the penis goes INTO the vagina. The sperm goes after the egg...and therein lies the conflict for the modern single woman.

If you are fed up being single and know that something has just got to change, honor yourself enough to schedule a Man Magnet Discovery Call today.  It's time to invest in you and what you really want in this life. And the best way to get "unstuck" is to change up the energy and hire a professional. This call can be life-changing.  I can't wait to show you more.

Blessing Bottles



A portion of the proceeds from Man Magnet Academy funds my "Blessing Bottles" initiative serving the homeless community of Southern California.  The homeless population is over 150,000, so there is much to be done there, and I have even more ideas.  But any act of love and service, no matter how small sends a ripple effect throughout the world.  The water bottles are reusable and filled with snacks, hygiene products, first aid items, and more.  When we work together for your greater good, you are also working with me for the greater good of all.