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Okay, okay, calm down.  Don't get your panties in a wad about the title.  Humans are naturally social creatures and yes, we NEED connection with other humans.  Some say it's even more important than food and water.  I'm NOT saying that you should spend your whole life just hugging yourself and ignoring humanity.  Unity consciousness is certainly the goal and where we are headed as a species, but remember the old saying, "You can't love anyone unless you love yourself?" Well, here we go.

I gotta be honest.  I wrote this book because of a movie.  Tom Cruise, Rene Zellweger...remember Jerry McGuire?  I think Jerry McGuire GOT IT WRONG and PROGRAMMED all of us with a TOTALLY FALSE idea about love when he said, "You complete me."  Incorrect.  If you are to have a healthy romantic relationship with anyone, than YOU must complete you first. 

Our society programs us that we can only be happy when we find "The One." Some folks call this person your "Twin Flame" or your "Soulmate," and until you find them, you are somehow lost and missing a part of yourself.



I firmly believe that YES, God puts people on the earth that are meant to come together in love.  But predicating all of your joy and happiness upon anyone or anything in your life outside of yourself and you continuing your connection to the Divine, is a huge mistake and causes so much unnecessary longing and grief.

If you haven't found "The One," then you are in a perpetual state of lack.  If you are married to them, and they betray you or all they do is disappoint you, you are going to "unhappy." If you divorce them or they pass away, you spend the rest of your life feeling like something is "missing."


Humans are imperfect and will disappoint you...or they will pass away. But when you love yourself and forgive yourself, YOU ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON THEIR LOVE to raise you up. That way if they ever do you wrong or you lose them, you won't lose yourself.  You will learn to forgive them, or if they die before you, you will honor your grief, but move on with your own story in celebration of their memory.

If you are single and looking to call love forth from the Universe, BE LOVE yourself.  Radiate it from within.  Get your life rich and full of experiences that fill your Soul and contribute to HUMANITY. Put yourself and your Spiritual growth as the number one priority.  Don't focus on NOT HAVING love, focus on generating it and spreading it around to everyone you meet.  It will boomerang right back to you.


We come into this world alone (unless you're a twin) and we leave this world alone.  You have your own journey of expansion and self-discovery, and it does not happen through someone else's filter. YOU CANNOT GIVE ANOTHER PERSON SELF-LOVE, and they cannot give your self-love to you. You BOTH have to do it on your own.


When you fill up your own "cup," your will attract a partner who fills up their own "cup," and then you just get together and PARTY.  You can share incredible experiences together, build lives in tandem, and lean on each other when you need support, but you are not dependent on them for your happiness, you are not responsible for their happiness, and they are not required to be the sole source of your happiness.

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Pre-order the book to get started bringing in the elements that make you fall deeply in love with you.  The hunt is over. You are the Soulmate for which you search.