Choose Compliments Over Competition

As a feminine energy woman, when I see a beautiful woman, I’m no longer jealous. I thank God for the beauty in the world. I tell her how lovely she looks today. Why? Because she IS me. We are each wow, look at US!

When I see a successful woman, I don’t envy, I see her as proof that dreams come true. Then I tell her,”congrats, woman!” and let her light a fire 🔥 under my own butt to go after my own dreams too.

When I see a happy couple, I praise God they found each other - further proof Love is alive and well and available to us all. I say, “wow, thank you for showing me how love is abundant and couplehood can really work!”

When I see a happy family, I thank God for bringing them together in love, and think of how special my family is to me.

When I am with a man, I don’t try to “top him” or “teach him,” I learn from him and share when asked. I give kudos for his success and pick his brain for pointers in mine.

Love isn’t being resentful of others virtues or lording yourself over others. It’s neutrality, then admiration and appreciation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no one has any more value than anyone else. We are all equal in the eyes of The Almighty. Equally loved, equally blessed, equally taught hard lessons.

We just have different ways in which God teaches us.

Be compassionate to everyone. Some people may look like they have it all figured out on the outside...but they are hurting more than you could imagine, just in avenues that are different than yours and in ways that speak to their particular life path.

The only person to compete with is you. And it’s not competing, it’s challenging yourself to being you at your highest expression. And that? Has nothing to do with anyone else and what they are doing.

When you perceive others doing well, let it inspire you!

Competition comes from scarcity mindset. That there aren't enough clients for everyone. There aren't enough eligible men to date, there's not enough money and she has more than me...and it's a pile of bullsh** your subconscious mind has created to keep you jealous and feeling less than. You ARE abundance. You ARE love. You ARE success. You just have to believe it and you will start seeing it everywhere.

If you get triggered, you’re human, it’s gonna happen. That’s a sign it’s time for Shadow Work on the issue. I teach this in Man Magnet Academy and it’s crucial you know how to transmute this darkness into Light the minute it comes in.

Resentment doesn't attract love. Love attracts love.

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