I Manifested this Cat.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Her name is Cleo, short for Cleopatra. But my daughter nicknamed her "Miss Cleo." And yes, you can "call her now" for a "free reading." Ha!

No, but really. This cat appeared in a puff of smoke. She floated down in a "Glinda the Good Witch" bubble. She straight-up materialized.

So how did this happen? Well, I had been thinking. Operative word, "thinking." It would be nice to have a cat. I have a three-year-old who is such an animal person. We have a dog, but it just felt like, "we need a cat." I grew up with cats. I love cats. It felt like time.

When I envisioned the kind of cat I wanted, I saw a "tuxedo" cat, female, with black fur and white detailing, black nose, white paws and whiskers and green eyes. I was very specific in seeing this picture in my mind of this phantom feline.

Usually when I want to bring something in, I will journal it and script it and affirm it and meditate on it....but this time, I didn't do all of that.

I found myself just walking around the house singing, "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from the Aristocats movie. I really got into the feeling of how soft she would be to pet, yet when I saw her, I knew she would be full of "cattitude," sassy, wise, and little b*tchy, yet such a lover-girl. I just knew she would bring companionship, affection, and joy to our home. It felt like such an odd "apocalyptic" sort of time in our lives where a "foofy" cuddly friend was just sort of...necessary.

Then everywhere I went, I started seeing tuxedo cats. I saw one while we were walking the dog in our neighborhood, and I said, "Look, Juliet. There's our cat." I opened Facebook and someone had posted a picture of their cat and you guessed it, it was a tuxedo cat. I commented on the picture and said, "hey that's the exact cat I'm looking to adopt."

I was ready to find her, but COVID-19 closed all the shelters down in my area. I called three, no one picked up and and some didn't even have voicemail. I thought, "well sh**."

But I went ahead and started googling and researching things like, "the best cat litter for your money", "the healthiest food for indoor cats", "how to keep your cat from getting out when you have a dog door," "how to introduce your cat to your toddler". All this without even having a vague idea of how this animal was going to "happen." I just knew it in my bones that it would. That she was "on her way."

Then I put it on the back-burner of my mind for a bit to focus on a new Zoom Meditation Group I had joined. The focus of the group was Planetary Healing, and we spent an hour a day for over 2 months straight sending love, gratitude, and unity to ourselves and everyone and everything on the planet. We were doing good work in a time when things felt so bleak, everyone was in quarantine, the number of cases was rising, everything felt like a ghost town. But we were focused on healing, forgiveness, and transmuting negative energy into love. It was beautiful. My atoms were vibrating at a higher frequency everyday. I felt so connected to the love of God/Source.

Then one day, I randomly got a text from my cousin Heather who lives in Northern California. She and I have always had an animal bond. She was there for me when my beagle passed from cancer, and encouraged me to get my dog Mozart shortly after. We start talking about how I need a "fur."

I tell her nobody is open, I've tried, and I'll just have to wait til the regulations of the pandemic lift. She says, "oh, that sucks."

A few hours later she texts me, "hey, I found a site called Kitty Devore that is doing online adoptions. Look at this cat, isn't she so sassy?" I open the link she sent me to the cat, and BOOM, it's the EXACT tuxedo cat I had been seeing in my mind for months. Female, with black fur and white detailing, black nose, white paws and whiskers and green eyes.

I hadn't told Heather ANYTHING about what kind of cat or what color I wanted, or that I wanted a female. She only knew I wanted a cat. There were like 200 cats on that site and THAT'S the one she picked. I thought, "Holy sh**, is she psychic or am I? lol"

What was even weirder was that name that had been given to her was "Batgirl" which immediately made me think of like, the Bat signal. That she was broadcasting a "signal" for me to pick up...and I did. So cool.

When I talked to her foster mom, she said, "She has a lot of personality. Very vocal, and opinionated. I'm not sure she is the best fit for you and your toddler." I thought "Ding. That's exactly what I asked for." And I replied to her, "my toddler and I are have a lot of personality, we are both very vocal and opinionated. She will fit in just fine."

One quick Zoom house tour later, and "Miss Cleo" is in her new home, being the stink-*ss little b*tch we knew she'd be. She jumps on my chest every morning. She pops the dog in the face when he's barking too much, She stares at herself in the mirror like the Queen that she is...and we are so blessed and grateful to have her in our lives.

And that's how it works, folks.

1. Be detailed about what you'd like to bring in.

2. Act and feel as if you already have it, or with an unwavering knowing that "it's on it's way."

3. Focus on love, gratitude, and unity with what you already have.

4. Push through roadblocks as temporary speed-bumps to what is inevitably yours.

5. Put it on the "back burner" of your mind and trust it will surface.

6. Thank God when it arrives.

Obviously you have bigger dreams than a cat, but you can apply this formula to literally anything you want to do, be, or have in your life.


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