Intuitives are the new Wellness Coaches

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It happened. You found yourself at the bottom of a trash can. You were just minding your own business and boom, you fell into a "wormhole". You lost a loved one, you were abused, raped, you were cheated on, you're getting divorced, you're having trouble conceiving, your business is failing, you just got a scary diagnosis, or life just doesn't seem to be turning out the way you'd hoped...I know exactly how you feel. It's cold and your teeth chatter. You can't see out. It's dark, your flashlight is broken, or you don't even have one; and you want to sleep, but can't. There's a chasm where your heart used to live, and the whole time, you're thinking, "someone get me out of here."

You don't know much, but you can identify that you are not "well." Maybe you wallow. Maybe you just say, "peace out" and begin playing video games for twelve hours a day, suck on your weed pen constantly, or spend months just, all "31 flavors" - and then some. Maybe you rise up and admit to yourself that you need help. You hire a therapist or a career counselor. You begin taking anti-depressants. You drag yourself to a support group. You really want to feel better. But the fact that you had to resort to all that, actually makes you feel worse, shamed, even less than. "Great, now everyone at CVS Pharmacy knows I'm depressed." you think. But at the same time you are proud of yourself for having the balls to admit you need help.

Your therapist is okay, but still there's this "landmass" between you. She nods and encourages, questions, and qualifies, but it feels like she is regurgitating things she says to everyone. She doesn't FEEL what you're feeling. She's genuine, you like her, but she spends the entire hour having you relive the mundane agony of the last week, rehash things that happened thirty years ago that hurt, reiterate things your ex said to you that scarred you. Or maybe she's judgemental of you, eats during your session, or worse, shames your feelings. Maybe she has no real method or blueprint for healing the pain but talking about it ad nauseam, recommending a book, or trying to relate to you by telling you a similar story from her own life. Talking about it just hurts your head and makes you want to eat more, smoke more, or play more video games just to escape.

What you really need is reassurance that even though things are upside down right now, you are on the right path, that your current commitments are in alignment with what's in your heart, that love is waiting for you around the corner, or that someone who passed away is okay or safe and still with you. You need a plan of attack for how to accept your new reality, heal what's broken, and turn your "lessons into your blessings." It goes one step further, what you're really looking for is empowerment. And what does that look like exactly? Empowerment is you learning to navigate your own inner guidance system on your own, so that when lightening strikes you in the future (because trust me, it will), you will know how to react, cope, regenerate, and thrive all over again.

Seemingly out of nowhere, you stumble across the website of an intuitive healer. You are skeptical. Aren't all "psychics" just scam artists out to get your money to cast some ridiculous spell or make you dependent on them? You contact her anyway. She does Reiki on you. She connects with you. She feels what you feel. She tells you things about your heartbreak she couldn't possibly know unless she was truly tuned in. She confirms what you feel deeply but won't admit to anyone, and tells you the truth without judgement or ego. She directs you to your own Light. She connects you to the Light of those you've lost. She gives you a map to yourself. She encourages you to start jogging again and instructs you on meditation. She accepts any religion you practice (or don't practice) and explains how to integrate the two. She introduces exercises you can do on your own to heal your heart. She recommends holistic treatments that are specific to your healing needs. She just f***ing "gets it." And you "get it" too -the confirmation you needed that intuitives are the real deal.

You finally exhale. You are finally at peace. And it makes you want to do that for yourself. So you begin to meditate and practice quieting your mind of the chatter; you start to gain clarity. You begin to recognize that your body is just a fleshy sack that houses your soul and you see that at any moment you need to, you can float above the earthly circumstances and recognize that all those things that happened "to you" actually happened "for you." You have eureka moments. You write in your journal, "That happened on purpose to help me grow in love for myself and others." It washes over you that the best way for your soul to grow is to experience loss, pain, and trauma.

Why does it have to be that way? Why wouldn't we be sent here perfect and free of suffering? Because contrast is our greatest teacher. You want to know chocolate tastes good? Take a giant bite of dirt first. You want to build muscle in the gym? Grunt while lifting heavy weights. You want a have a baby? Push eight pounds out of your vagina. Pain is an inevitable part of growth and you see now that your response to and level of acceptance of pain determines how much joy you allow.

The more you meditate, the more you become grateful for those painful moments and integrate them into the story you tell yourself about your life, but now you cast them in the role of your greatest teachers, not your biggest enemies. You forgive those that you once perceived had "wronged" you because you see their humanity in yourself. You forgive the circumstances that you believed "weakened" you and see them as the exercises that built your "life muscles." You forgive yourself for harboring resentment towards anyone and anything.

You realize you're never alone. You are always supported, loved, and cared for by God/The Universe and your Higher Self. You experience synchronicities. You begin manifesting situations that bring joy and more growth. The happiest snowball starts flying down your mountain and picking up more and more fun, connection, and hilarity. Suddenly the clerk at the grocery store is smiling at you from a genuine place, so you smile back. You notice the sound of the birds and begin whistling along. The phone rings, and it's a new job offer. The test comes back and you're in remission. You see the image of your dog's face in the clouds when you're out on your run, and you know it's encouragement to push through that last mile. You start your car and the radio is playing "Happy" by Pharrell, and you hold your heart, knowing that was your loved one's favorite song, and you thank them for the sign. It all comes together.

You experience first hand that you are not a a victim of your circumstances, but a co-creator of your own destiny. You become empowered by your pain. And you continue to forge ahead embracing the fact that true healing is on a "soul-ular level." And "soul-ular" healing is holistic healing. And a holistic approach seeks to address emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social wellness. An intuitive healer can direct you to your sticking points and recommend modalities that will benefit you and your specific healing needs in all of these areas. A therapist is just going to focus on your intellectual and emotional wellness.

An intuitive healer doesn't make you dependent on her for your healing to continue. She directs you to you. No one knows you better than you, but you have to choose to get to know yourself and address all of those dimensions of your being. You are just waiting patiently for you to - on all these levels. Remember when Austin Powers says, "Allow myself to introduce....myself."? Well an intuitive is just there to facilitate the introduction, and if you two need help getting the conversation going or some fine tuning down the road, great. She's there for that too. But really, this is between you and you. And we can't wait to get you two together. You just have to decide that today is the day you are ready to answer the question, "What would someone who loved themselves do next?"

When you decide, you become deciduous. You shed the old belief system with the fears that shackled you, release the negative thought patterns that never served you, and officially unplug from the Matrix, wipe off the goo and say, "Yes, let's do this!" Then you begin replacing all that gunk with gratitude, love, and unity. Gratitude for the life lessons and gifts you've been given, love for the incredible person you are, and unity with mankind and every living creature in the universe.

Decide today to step into your power. If you need help, all you have to do is ask. "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you."(Matthew 7:7). I'm waiting on the other side and look forward to connecting with you when you are ready.

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