Kelly as a Coach


"I’ve literally gotten more out of a couple sessions with Coach Kelly working on my anxious attachment wounds than I have in THREE YEARS of therapy with a psychologist!"


Las Vegas, NV

Coach Kelly is AMAZING!!! Her energy is INCREDIBLE & she is so authentic & genuinely wants to help her clients like no other coach or mentor I’ve EVER had before!”  My coaching sessions with Coach Kelly are absolutely AMAZING! (Especially her breathing exercises that transport me deep into myself & the relevant connections to my life are outstanding!) My biological father & I had a complicated relationship before his tragic passing over 10 years ago. I confided in Coach Kelly that I recognized that I had a father wound deep within myself. Thanks to her guided meditation & breathing exercises I met my father in a safe & beautiful place during meditation & offered him forgiveness for rejecting & abandoning me when I was very young. He cried, I cried, we cried, and he accepted my forgiveness. I felt a HUGE tidal wave of white, sparkling light pour over me and I was instantly lighter, more jovial & accepting of myself. I’ve literally gotten more out of a couple sessions with Coach Kelly working on my anxious attachment wounds than I have in THREE YEARS of therapy with a psychologist! ALL of her content is so SPOT ON & she is so FUN & energetic!!! I’ve literally told ALL of my girlfriends about her & invited them to join her Facebook group “Feminine Energy Goddess”!!! Thank you Kelly!!!







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Kelly as a Healer


"It was a life-changing experience for me."


Washington, DC

Kelly is a very gifted Reiki Master. I had the privilege to have her conduct a distance Reiki healing. To say the least, it was a life-changing experience for me. I had been interested in Reiki for many years, but was somewhat skeptical of distance healing. My daughter suggested it to me after she had a distance Reiki session with Kelly. So, I tried it and was amazed. Her connection to me was felt immediately as I remained open to receive. Her reading was enlightening and illuminating and her soothing, healing and loving energy embraced my entire being. As a result of this experience, I have enrolled in Level I & Level II Reiki training. I highly recommend Kelly. She is extremely talented and you will be very pleased with her services!


"It helped me to move forward..."

ANGELA RANKIN, Intuitive Energy Healer

Founder of Elakay Insights

Seal Beach, CA

Kelly Albano is HILARIOUS!! She has used her humor to heal me countless times and it is a priceless gift that she has to give the world! Her Psychic impressions are super sharp and on point.


A few months ago, I was having a difficult home situation, and she had no idea about it. I got a text from her, telling me about some Jumanji toys that she needed to "get rid of" and it was INSTANT Confirmation because the difficult situation was with someone named "Jumanji."


IT WAS AMAZING! She listened to her intuition and it helped me to move forward and "get rid of Jumanji!” WHO-HOO!!


"Not only is she gifted, she is truly my gift from GOD."


Cerritos, CA

Kelly Albano...oh wow, where do I start!!!  Not only is she gifted, but she is truly my gift from GOD.  I know we all have a past, some unanswered questions, loved one who have passed, health issues & a whole lotta other shit.   


Little back story about me & why I am writing this review on Kelly...I have 2 children, one who would be 5 this November & one who is currently 3 1/2.  


While I was pregnant my son had a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI type 2) it's a brittle bone disease, I was 29 weeks pregnant when he arrived & 90 minutes later he was called to heaven.  I had a rough time with it, and sometimes I still do, to this day.  I have yearned for my son, to get some signs, talks, something from him... that he is happy, not in any pain, if he loves us/me & so much more.  Kelly, Kelly Albano gave me/us that, man I wish I can have Kelly by my side every day so I can talk, get information from my son & for her amazing company of course, but I know that cannot be realistic.


Now onto my other child, my 3 1/2 year old daughter.  I had a good forward to January 2020, she was diagnosed with a chronic disease called Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disease), she is just 3!!  What a roller coaster of emotions, stress, long days/nights, lots & long hospital visits, sleepless nights, tears, screams & so much more & you all this is just the beginning.  Cue Kelly again, I asked her if she can do a couple Reiki healings on my daughter & on us all because our whole world just got rocked.


We will be using Kelly way more, not only to help with my daughters condition, in hopes that a miracle happens & she is cured but to just keep her from not having a transplant anytime soon.  


My family & I will forever be grateful for Kelly, for her gifts, her patience, her kindness, her grace, her care & so much more.  She will forever be our family healer!  Thank you Kelly!


"...he went with the Light. That information gave me immense closure."


Bellflower, CA

My big brother took his life Nov 2019.  I didn’t tell that to Kelly. I didn’t tell her anything besides my older brother passed away and that I had 2 very specific dreams about him. The very next day she text me that she tapped into his energy and she proceeded to give me such specific details about my brother that only I could relate to.

Kelly started with her feeling pressure in the back of her head and neck like her head was immobile and then felt her head turn swiftly to the right. That was what happened, he took his life by hanging himself. Only I and my family could have known that- Kelly felt it.

Kelly gave me a Tom Petty song that he showed her. Growing up we had only a few CD’s that were our parent’s and we would play them over and over and Tom Petty was one of our favorites. Kelly knew that he used to wrestle me and my sisters and tell us to “Say Uncle”.


She gave me this and many other details that there wasn’t a way for her to know these things unless she got in touch with him. It wouldn’t have been possible. One of the most touching things I took from her reading was that he went with the Light. That information gave me immense closure. I was worried he wouldn’t have that chance to be at peace with God because all his life he said he didn’t believe.


After Kelly’s reading I know he is at peace now. I couldn't have that known that without her.

I can’t thank you enough for the love that this brought to me and my sisters to read your text and to feel the calmness it brought to our hearts.


Much love and respect for you and your craft.


"Wow! This chick is awesome...she has some real gifts!"


Washington DC

Wow! This Chick is awesome!  As a person of course, but also she has some real gifts! Even though we were 3000 miles apart, I could see waves of light and energy in different patterns trekking across my closed eyelids - it was remarkable. I knew she was doing her light work.  


The information she received from Spirit regarding each of my chakras was ON POINT. The accuracy was amazing, things that I had literally just said to a family member, as well as feelings, thoughts, and recent events.  She definitely was connecting with me.

Overall, I found her services to be extremely valuable and they helped me understand some things about myself and try to direct my energies ever towards the light.  Thank you Kelly!


"You will feel better."


Co-owner Prosper for Health, LLC.

Long Beach, CA

This was my first experience with Distance Reiki. I was skeptical about the distance but as soon as Kelly started I felt it. I could feel a warming sensation all over. After about 10 minutes I felt pressure in my chest, like someone was sitting on it. I could tell something was going on, and after some deep breaths it slowly started to feel better. When she called me after the session, she said that when she got to my heart chakra, it was very overactive and looked like "a torn sheet blowing in the wind". Which was very accurate and confirming of the sensation I felt during the process. 


The session with Kelly helped open my blockages and confirmed my intuitive thoughts on my own discomfort. It was relieving. She is very accurate. Kelly's energy is loving and she is hilarious in the best ways. I highly recommend giving a session a try! If you have never had Reiki, try Kelly, you will feel better.